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Pauline, Wadie Lee, and Dorthy Sue

July 29, 2012

My father’s mother had six children.  Only three lived to adulthood.  My father told a story about when he was born.  He said that he was born prematurely small, and the doctor told his mother not to get attached to him, because he was not going to live.  Apparently he was small enough to fit into a shoe box, if they had had one, but I believe that they used a dresser drawer for his crib, since he wasn’t going to live. 

But live he did, for only 92 more years. 

Pauline, the first child.


Wadie Lee, the second child.


My father said he remembered when Wadie Lee died.  Her body was laid out in a room, and pennies were placed over her eyes.  That’s a bizarre memory for a five-year-old to have.  He wasn’t complaining or feeling sorry for himself when he told this story, he just spoke the facts. 

Dorothy Sue was the fifth child.


These little angels are buried, along with their parents, at Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Weakley County, Tennessee.

Sleep well, little angels.