My Latest Addiction: Dorset County, England

I love a puzzle.  Crossword, jigsaw, genealogy, or puzzling out a knitting project – I love them all.  But not sudoku, please.  It does not compute.

I’m wondering where in England my Rawls ancestors were from.  I found a hint on that led me to Dorset County, England.  If you know nothing of this county, like me, except what you read on the internet, the first thing you’ll notice when you look at the map is that this county is in southwest England on the English Channel.  My folks are not fishermen, so I had my doubts that this was the right county.  We didn’t go to the lake, we never went fishing, my parents never learned to swim, we didn’t have even a rowboat.  I never saw the ocean until I was 17 years old, and I marveled at the great swells of water that roared to the shore, then decreased to little rippling fingers of water like someone playing flourishes on a piano.  I was scared of the water because I was a terrible, weak swimmer.  I swim like the proverbial rock.

Then I looked closer at the county of Dorset.  As one moves away from the coast, there’s farmland, and hills, and sheep, and meadows.  Now we’re talking – this was more like the countryside where I grew up in East Tennessee.  And I found some links to historical records with the name Rawls.  I’m not saying that I’m related to these Rawls folks in faraway Dorset, but I just haven’t proven it yet.  In the meantime, I can muse and dream about the beautiful countryside. 

You can, too.  You can click on the links.

The Dorset Page – Introducing Dorset.

The Dorset Life Magazine, with an article about the Dorset Walk to Rawlsbury Camp.

Be still my heart. Images of Dorset.

An aerial view of Rawlsbury Camp. Mag-ni-fi-cent.

Looking for Rawls folks? Look on this incredible resource: The Online Parish Clerks. Check out Winfrith Newburgh.

The Nature of Dorset.  Naturally.

For enjoying life in Dorset, Dorset Life!

I’ll add to this list as I find more resources.  And you know what, if I could find a Rawls male in Dorset who was willing to submit to a DNA swab-of-the-cheek, his particulars could be added to the Rawls DNA group.  Who knows where that could lead me.  Perhaps to Dorset County, England.  For.  Reals.


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