Rawlsbury Camp in Dorset County, England

If you are reading this blog for the first time, you might not know that I’m a big fan of genealogy and blogging.  I love me some dead people, and I love to yammer on about them on the blog.

There’s been an interesting little bonus in blogging about dead peeps and history.  I’m beginning to lose count in how many people have contacted me regarding their ancestors based on something I wrote on the blog.  Sometimes, more often than not, they comment on a photo or a scanned image.  And mostly these are people I’ve never heard of and never met until the blog.

Deb in Alabama is Sugar’s Basinger cousin.

Jane in Kentucky is my Rawls cousin, and she provided the family reunion photo used in the heading.

Jan in Sweden in my mother-in-law’s cousin, and he led me to another of my MIL’s cousin, Elisabeth, thus representing both of my MIL’s mother’s parents.

Rose in New York is Miz Florrie’s granddaughter.

Emily in Savannah is Sugar’s Lawton cousin, and she reunited him with her two sisters.

Faye in Las Vegas is a possible Rhea cousin.

Karen in Atlanta is Miz Florrie’s neighbor’s granddaughter.

And then of course there are my two faithful followers of all things Lawton:  Leo, who I already knew via email, in New York near Canada, and Sharon, also in New York.

Are there more?  Did I miss someone?

All this plathering leads me to jumping the pond.  My first success with finding a link to another country across the ocean was my FIL’s ancestors.  I linked his grandmother Strogen to County Mayo, Ireland.  Then I linked my MIL’s grandmother Berg back to Sweden.  Both of these links were aided by www.ancestry.com.

Most recemtly, I saw a “hint” on ancestry that you could search the pubkeeper’s records in Dorset, England.  I had not heard of Dorset, and was really not interested in Dorset pubkeepers, but I decided that I would search for the Rawls family in England.  That’s just the way it is with me – I’m distracted by one thing which leads me to another thing which seems to be exactly something to occupy my time.  When I did a search on the Rawls family in England (keep in mind, folks, that I bought the international version of ancestry, and I’d surely like to get my money’s worth), the search results came up with none other than Dorset County, England.

When I searched further on the web, there is a place in Dorset named Rawlsbury Camp.  It’s not a town or village, it’s just a location on top of a hill that you have to hike to get there.  If I understand correctly, and that would surprise me as much as you, it was an ancient fortification or an encampment.

My father had said that his ancestors were English and Indian.  That’s all he knew.  Anyone up for a little hike?  Bring your passport.

But mostly, I’m just hoping that there is someone, somewhere, out there who will contact me, and all because of the blog.


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