Here A Pup, There A Pup, Everywhere a Pup Pup, Part 2

Here‘s the link to the discovery of Black and Yellow in the road in front of the grooming salon in my little town.

Beautiful Black and Yellow were living in my turtle yard at the Swamped! Plantation after they were scooped up from the road.  I kept them for 10 days in quarantine, after their 1st booster shot and a dose of Nemex for de-worming those nasty ole roundworms and hookworms.  Now it was time for them to go to the shelter.

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When we pulled up in front of the shelter, the girls pointed their heads skyward to smell the air and focus on the sounds of the dogs.  They were checked-in, where they spent the weekend.  The following week, I picked them up at the shelter to transport them for their spay surgery and rabies vaccination.  They are now back at the shelter, awaiting their final vaccination in the booster series before they can be adopted. 

So many pups, so little time.

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