A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 1-2, 2012, Part 2

Our Saturday morning started off mild and sunny.  Tropical storm Beryl had dumped lots of rain on the area a few days prior, and indeed, it had rained Friday evening right up until the kick-off dinner.  It was going to be warm and breezy with low humidity.  A perfect day was in store.

We had drafted a new Lawton cousin of Sugar’s.  She was a McIntosh by birth, born in Savannah, and had been inundated her whole life by McIntosh stuff.  She knew very little about her grandmother’s side of the family, and she was about to get a whole overdose of LawtonFest.

We three started toward Estill, but first stopped in the beautiful graveyard at the Robertville Baptist Church in – where else – Robertville.  Robertville was named for the Robert (French Roe-bare) family.  (There is a separate Robert Cemetery that will be a probable blog post in the future.  It has been recently tended, and should be photo-ready, thanks to a Lawton committee.  I’m getting requests from people through www.findagrave.com to go photograph their ancestor’s grave markers, so, soon, people, soon.)

I drove Sugar’s van right over the grass to the edge of the cemetery. It is accepted and expected that you will drive on the grass almost all places you go in this area. I’ve lived here ten years, and I still can’t get used to it.

We three piled out, and Sugar and his cud’n went on a tour while I snapped photos.  That’s how cousin is pronounced here.  Cud’n.  Yeah, it’s crazy I know, but nonetheless true.  If you read Kilgo’s “Daughter of My People”, that’s how he spells it.

Sugar and his cousin are not exclaiming in awe over Joseph Lawton’s grave. They are just talking with their hands.

to the Memory of


who died

at Blackswamp, S.C.

March 5, 1815

Aged 61 years

He lived and died a pious Christian

and good Citizen

Lying on the ground behind this marker is the original marker.  The one you can read is a replacement.  I like that idea.  They replaced the old marker before time and the elements erased the inscription. The tombs in the background of the photo are some of Sugar’s peeps.  Joseph Lawton had about 7 children.  One was Alexander James Lawton who is buried in one of those tombs, and you can read the post about his obituary in the Savannah Morning News by clicking here.

I can’t read it either.  We’ll have to go back and make a rubbing, but we had bigger fish to fry today. Below is Mrs. Cordelia Lawton, Alexander James Lawton’s 2nd wife.

Mrs. Cordelia Lawton. Yes, I am standing on her tomb. Sorry about that, but it’s the only way to get this photo. I left my ladder at home.

Here’s close-up of the lower part of the inscription.

 Life’s labor done, as sinks the day.  Light from its land the Spirit flies.  While heaven and earth combine to say,  How blest the righteous when she dies.



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