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Mother’s Day and Raymond

May 15, 2012

Last Friday before Mother’s Day, a delivery lady walked into my place of work with a HUGE bouquet.

Surprise! Happy early Mother’s Day!

This from the BabyGirl and BabyBoy, although the BabyGirl didn’t know that the BabyBoy had engineered the whole thing from start to finish.  Pretty impressive.  BabyBoy scored big points. 

Then on actual Mother’s Day, Sugar and I made our usual shopping trip to nearby B-ton.  We stopped in one of the landscaped parking lots to admire one of the crape myrtles.  

Sugar points out the tiny ants on the trunk.

 After shopping came my favorite part.  Lunch!  Sugar wanted to take me to a new restaurant.  I argued that it would be full, and he hates full, because he thinks people are looking at him.  I always reassure him by saying that no one is looking at him, which strangely does not reassure him but rather hurts his feelings.  He argued that it was only 11:45 AM and the restaurant would not be full.  I argued that the church crowd would be filing in soon, and they will be looking at him. 

He won anyway.

We were escorted to a tiny table for two in a corner, where we were soon joined by…  

Raymond the Roach.

 It then became a game to see if we could hide our tabletop roach from the waitstaff.  We knew if they saw him, they would kill him, right there in front of God and everybody, even though the restaurant was starting to fill up.  Just imagining the scene that would be caused with all the happy celebraters screaming and panicking was almost enough to expose Raymond, but I just couldn’t do it.  Raymond (or was she Raymonda?) could have a few more minutes of life.  He wasn’t bothering us, and we knew when we left the restaurant that he would be discovered and squished.  Every time a waitstaff approached, I’d shield Raymond with my hand, or my napkin, or Sugar’s cap.  It was bizarre how that little roach just sat right on the table, vaguely waving his little feelers around.  When we got ready to leave, I shooed Raymond to the wall where he slowly crawled between the table and the wall, out of sight.  

Sugar made me promise not to blog about this.  I couldn’t promise that, but I did promise to not name the restaurant.  I couldn’t kill little Raymonda because she could have been somebody’s mother, and to kill a mother on Mother’s Day is just wrong, somehow. 

 Even if that mother is a roach.