The Safety Patrol in Lenoir City, Tennessee, in 1936

As I’ve mentioned before, my mother was on the high school newspaper staff, and in her stash were some newspapers.  Here’s one of the highlights in 1936.

From the Lenoir City High School newspaper, the “Orange and Black”, in 1936: 

These boys are giving of their time to help prevent accidents and save lives.  They are the new Safety Patrol and are shown here with some of the helpers in the movement.

Front row (left to right):  State Patrolman Holden, Gene Lynch, Ray Harold Anderson, Charles Munsey, Gene McCarroll, W. F. Johnson, James Price and Sgt. Pace.

Middle row:  Elden Robinson, Elwood Robinson, Melvin Freedman, Jason Baker, B. F. Llewellan, Walker Barnett and James Soward.

Top row:  Capt. Mitchell of the Knoxville Safety Patrol, Ralph Blackburn, Clellan Perryman, Capt. James Hartsook,Glenn James, Fred Weaver, Jr., Burk Peterson, Supt. C. M. Mitchell and Harry M. Calloway, commander of the Legion who are giving the boys their equipment, belts, flags and raincoats.


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