Peachy the Cat, Part Two

You folks might remember Peachy the Cat?  He’s a soft feral cat that I relocated from another colony that was in danger of being euthanized. 

Anyway, the Peach lives behind the grooming business that Sugar owns.  That’s the very same business where the BabyBoy is the groomer.  Sugar was worried that Peachy didn’t have shelter, so he took a large dog crate, removed the door, and made the crate all homey by using hay for bedding.  He checked the bedding one day and found that the rains had entered the sides of the crate through the ventilation slots, and now the hay was wet.  So he took plastic and duct-taped it over the openings after he replaced the hay. 

We would see Peach sitting on top of the crate, and Sugar decided that Peach needed a better perch, so he took a bit of plywood and made a dandy platform. 

One evening we met at the grooming business to walk the rescue dogs that live there, with the intention that a trained dog is a more adoptable dog, and we saw Peach on his perch.

Once again, I take photos out the window of the car. I have perfectly good reasons for not getting out of the car. The motion and noise of the car door opening startles the animals and ruins the shot.

And plus, I'm basically lazy.


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One Response to “Peachy the Cat, Part Two”

  1. leo Says:

    Looks like a peachy plywood Peachy perch platform to me.


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