Precious Pees-lee the Problem Cat, Part 4

Sugar won. 

He wanted the Precious to go to the vet for a check-up.  Precious Paisley still wasn’t using the litter box consistently, even though the fleas were dead and gone.  Many times when a cat is not using the litter box, it’s a medical issue, and even though I thought she was peeing/pooping outside the box because she was insane from a lifetime of flea infestation, I conceded that she might have bigger issues.

Hoo boy.  The vet’s office reported that the bloodwork was okay, but Paisley had a urinary tract infection and a fever to match.  The prescription was for Baytril, a bitter, high-powered antibiotic, which the vet said might not work.  What if the UTI didn’t resolve? More tests?  What if the UTI *did* resolve, and Precious still eliminated outside the box?  Does this mean she is destined to live outside?  (Ya think?)

On day one of the meds, I crushed the pill and mixed it up well into some canned food.  Paisley ate half, and not a bite more.  She had detected the Baytril.

Day Two:  Sugar’s BabyDaughter tried the same in Fancy Feast, which is like crack for cats, and Paisley wouldn’t touch it.

This was calling for drastic measures. 

Day Three:  Sugar crushed the Baytril, mixed it in water, and siphoned it up into a syringe.  I put Paisley on a thick blankie and made what is called a “Kitty Burrito” by folding the end over her hiney and back, then wrapping the first side over her, then the second side.  All this was happening on the floor, and then I straddled the angry burrito like a mini-pony with my shins flat on the floor and my feet crossed one over the other so the little burrito couldn’t back out.  Then, still keeping her wrapped, I exposed her angry little head and gripped either side of her head, fingers under her chin and thumbs behind the back of her head.  Sugar shot the syringe full of watery meds into her mouth, only missing a little, and Paisley let out a low howl of distress.  That was some foul dose of medicine.  She struggled and fought like only a pissed-off cat can, but she never lost control of her bladder or bowels.  I let her up, fully expecting her to turn on me and climb my frame, but instead she climbed into the windowsill, dripping and slinging foamy saliva from the medicine.  Didn’t help that Sugar yelled Dammit I Missed.

Cat – 3.  Sugar and YoursTruly – 0.

Day Four:  A repeat of day three, this time with a dish of FancyCrack waiting.  She fell on the FancyCrack and sucked it up like an angry vacuum cleaner.

Day Five:  A carefully refined, cleverly choreographed orchestration of Gomer and Goober get owned.

Tomorrow is Day Six.  If this blog ends forever after tonight, you can thank the Precious Pees-lee.



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2 Responses to “Precious Pees-lee the Problem Cat, Part 4”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I can just see the struggle of two full grown persons against the little kitty. amazing the strength an angry feline can muster regardless of condition.
    Thanks for the smile!


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