Precious Paisley The Problem Cat, Waitforit, Part TWO

So many cats, so little time.

Yup, you heard it here first.  BabyBoy got a phone call on Thursday, April 5, 2012, from Mrs. PaisleyOwner, offering up her cat Precious Paisley, who still poops and pees outside the litter box.  He called me, I called Sugar, Sugar said call the boarding specialist (his BabyDaughter who is the latest addition to the boarding extravaganza), BabyDaughter agreed that we could give it the old village college try, and I called Mrs. PaisleyOwner to say that we will take the Precious. 

By the time the village was all in agreement over the Paisley matter, several hours had passed.  When I called Mrs. PaisleyOwner in the early afternoon, she informed me that the cat had already been picked up.  By the county.  By animal control. 

I called the shelter, and they thought they had the Precious Paisley there, but the paperwork wasn’t completed, so they couldn’t say for sure, but they could confirm that animal control had indeed picked up several cats in the general area where Mrs. PaisleyOwner lives.  They agreed that they could hold her for the evening, and that I would pick her up the following day.

Upon arrival at the shelter, I was led to an area of quarantine, and Paisley was hunched up in the back of the lowest cage.  The vet tech offered up that the cat had so many fleas, that when Paisley was given a CapStar for a quick flea kill, the towel that she was sitting on turned red.  That’s a lot of dead flea blood.  I was grateful for the CapStar.

I took the precious one back to work with me at the vet’s office, because *SURPRISE*!  Paisley’s vaccinations were overdue, plus she needed an Advantage Multi for a long-term flea kill.  After work, I took her to the grooming salon and got her settled into a cage. 

Her skin was worse than before.  She purred when I scratched her head.  It was quite sad.  She was contained in a little cage with a bed, a litter box, a food bowl, a water bowl, and her skin was a mess, and she purred with happiness.  The fleas were dead.

The next day was the same.  She lay in her little bed, and she purred. 

Sunday she started peeing outside the box.  She also started that OCD licking behavior.  There were two large bald spots on each side. 

Today, the boarding specialist moved her into her former room, and she peed on the floor.  She had licked off the hair in several more spots, and I noticed that underneath her tail she had developed a raw-looking area, and I bent over to investigate it further, and blech.  Tapeworm segments on her hiney.

I immediately popped her back into her cage until I can get a dose of Profender on her for parasite prevention.  She in turn immediately pooped on the cage floor. 

I had gotten so wrapped up in the skin condition and the fleas that I completely forgot that fleas are the intermediary host for tapeworm.  How could she NOT have tapeworm?

So, Precious Paisley has been kicked out of her home because, in my opinion, her weird behavior has been caused by owner neglect, ignorance, and/or refusal to admit that fleas are no fun. 

I’ll keep you posted.



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