It’s Always Something; Or Gerald Gets His Wish

Gerald: "Hmmm. This doesn't look safe at all. I could fall through this screen and break my little pumpkin head."

The front of the grooming business has two windows that overlook the front porch.  The cats at one point were housed in the room with the window where you see Gerald sitting.  Three cats were outgrowing this room, and we moved them to the other room with the front window.  The cats love to sit on the windowsill, and on occasion when we have a dog staying in the room, they also like to sit in the window.  Wouldn’t that be purely bad luck and poor planning to have an animal fall through the screen? 

Even though the animals haven’t tried to get out, what.  If.  Not a good scenario. 

So we made a plan to cover the windows with lattice. There were some concerns among ourselves that it would look boogeredup.  We also talked about covering the windows with plexiglas, but what would be the point?  That would block the air flow and just act like another layer of window.  

Sugar found a 2′ x 8′ piece of white vinyl lattice.  He proceeded to cut it to size and screw it in place on the outside of the window.  The cats were fascinated with the whole procedure.  They sat in the window and watched with great interest.


Is Gerald still in the window?

Easiest project ever, and the animals are safe.

One Response to “It’s Always Something; Or Gerald Gets His Wish”

  1. Linda T Says:

    I think it adds to the cuteness of the place!


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