The Memphis Animal Shelter

I’ve been following this blog with great interest. The Memphis Animal Shelter has serious issues involving abuse, cruelty, mismanagement, and apathy that have been brought to light on a national stage. I follow this with interest because it is just the tip of the iceberg…


At a presser this morning, Mayor Wharton announced 3 MAS workers have been indicted for animal cruelty, per a report on WMC-TV.  This post will be updated as details develop.

Update #1:  The Commercial Appeal names the employees:

Three Memphis Animal Shelter employees were indicted today on multiple charges of animal cruelty following a police undercover operation.

The employees charged are Billy D. Stewart, 28, Frank Lightfoot, Jr., 59, and Archie Elliot, III, 35. Each is charged with multiple counts of aggravate animal cruelty. They were arrested this morning following their indictments.

Frank Lightfoot is seen in some of the recent videos but the other two are not.  These arrests are apparently the result of undercover police work.  The female ACO who is depicted in the video hanging the puppy by the chokepole and dragging dogs has not been charged.

Update #2Frank Lightfoot – in jail, 4…

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