Freakity Frack, Part 2; Or, Dogbite!

Yes, I agree with you.  Who would have thought that I would have been bitten twice within 48 hours, AND that both animals were not up-to-date on their rabies vaccine? 

We already have established why the cat wasn’t brought up-to-date when she came into the office in my fascinating post yesterday.  Today’s sojourn into danger began yesterday when an owner called about having her 16-year-old chow put to sleep or *PTS*.  The appointment was scheduled for this morning, and when the dog came into the office, it was truly time for this event to happen. 

The vet explained that he would give a presedation shot to help the animal relax, and then in about 10-15 minutes he would administer the final injection.  I lifted the dog to the table, restrained the dog gently by cradling her head with my left hand and putting my right hand on her rump.  The vet started the subcutaneous injection in her shoulder area, and she swung around with her head towards me and BIT me on the same hand that the cat bit.  I pulled away, said owowow, and the dog kept snapping.  I backed away further and looked at my hand.  The skin was not broken, thank goodness, because if it had been, and this bite were reported to a medical doctor, the dog’s head would have to be removed from its body and sent to the state lab for examination for rabies.  The dog’s vaccination was overdue about a month and a half, and we know that she certainly does not have rabies, but remember the protocol I outlined yesterday. 

My grandmother used to say that things come in threes.  Someone please bite me now.


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5 Responses to “Freakity Frack, Part 2; Or, Dogbite!”

  1. leo Says:

    You better hope someone doesn’t bring in an alligator next.


  2. Sharon Says:

    Yes, Leo is certainly right about that, Ruth!


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