Twinkle, Twinkle, Great Big STARR

I’m always interested in the connections that people seek out.  It’s like when you visit a new place, and you meet someone new, and you ask each other where you are from, and pretty soon you’ve found a connection, even by the thinnest of margins.  I’ve heard people say that they’d been through a certain town, and someone else say that somebody in their family knew someone, once, who passed through that very same town, and that slight connection is all we need to feel *connected*.

I’m also interested in people that find a connection to something I write in this blog.  Because, boy, do I write about some random stuff.  I find it funny that most of my new commenters have an interest in Sugar’s family and ancestors.  And I wouldn’t have met the Sugar at all if I hadn’t moved to SC about 11 years ago with my family, and subsequently divorced the Satan, and got an additional job working at a boarding kennel, and later Sugar’s daughter went to work there, and eventually begged  asked me to meet her father.  Connections, they are everywhere.

One of Sugar’s ancestors is/was a certain William Starr Basinger.  He wrote a book later in life about his personal reminiscences.  I think he would have been a great blogger with jillions of followers.  He was in the Civil War, and wrote about his family before and during his life.

Sugar says that the original handwritten reminiscences are at the University of Georgia in Athens.  Someone transcribed them into book form.  It’s my understanding that a total of 6 books were distributed among family members.  Guess which book collector has a copy that was handed down?

Yup.  Sugar.

I’ve tried to wrest it from his hands before.  People have wanted to reprint it, certainly with great compensation in mind, but William Starr Basinger’s family said no.  It was written for the family and not to be reproduced for commercial interests.  Not that I would EVER think of something like selfish gain on my part (except for that one time in 2009).

There’s a certain commenter (big shout-out here to Sugar’s cousin Deb) who is interested in the book, being a bona-fide cousin and all, and she asked by email if we would check the book for some mention of her ancestor.  One word to Sugar, and he whipped out 6 copied pages with references to her William Starr, not to be confused with William Starr Basinger.  One word from a  cousin, people.  That’s all it took.

So I scanned and emailed them.  Random act of genealogy kindness.  Apparently that was not enough for Sugar, because he appeared with 36 more pages.  The man is killin’ me.

So I’ve scanned the newest 36 pages, but I just can’t sit up all night and email them, when it occurred to me to post them here on the blog, but either way, it’s going to take a long time.

Here’s the first 6…

I now demand instant STARR status.


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One Response to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Great Big STARR”

  1. Deb Johnson Says:

    You got it!

    In my Starr travels, I have learned that hundreds of thousands of Starrs and Starr descendents exist all over the world, so you are likely to have Starr blood yourself and don’t need anyone to give it to ya.

    As a PS re John Chauncey Starr who came from New London, Conn., to Savannah and married Georgia Ann Starr. I am convinced that if they were related, it was before the 15th century. I’ve traced both lines back to England, but they were on opposite sides of the country at that time. But perhaps the families were related centuries before that. Sweet to think that they came together once again, probably meeting and striking up a conversation on the very topic of their shared name. Another example of the connecting you just wrote about.

    — “Cousin” (that’s fun to write!!) Deb, who eagerly awaits more of those scanned pages.


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