It’s All About the Grants

I received several donations this holiday season to be put toward cat rescue.  So here’s a little visual regarding what this money can accomplish.

A)  Three male cat neuters, or

B)  Twelve large bags of cat food at $12.50 each, or

C)  Two-and-a-half female cat spays (that half part is awkward, isn’t it?), or

D)  21.43 rabies vaccinations at $7 each, or

E)  15 FVRCP vaccinations at $10 each, or

F)  300 cans of cat food for trap bait at 50 cents per can, or

G)  25 bales of hay for winter bedding, or

H)  3 humane traps for the catching part, or

I)  46.15 gallons of gas at $3.25 per gallon for the driving-around part, or

J)  150 gallons of chlorine bleach at $1/gallon for sanitizing the traps and holding areas.

What did I miss?


Many, many thanks to the folks who made this possible!!


One Response to “It’s All About the Grants”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Many thanks to you, Ruth, for giving your time and heart to these animals and helping the community as well. You are a great CFO and CEO!


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