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Poinsettias For Christmas

December 20, 2011

Two years ago at Christmastime, Sugar and I went to Savannah to place poinsettias in two different cemeteries.

Today we went back with two of his daughters and his granddaughter and his granddog.

At Laurel Grove.

The wind blew the poinsettia over, so Sugar wedged it upright in front of the door.

Then on to Bonaventure.

At the Basinger plot, Sugar digs a shallow impression to set the poinsettia.

Little L finds that the dog's flexi-leash won't retract in spite of her best efforts. (Flexi-leash. Broken. Never a good idea to give a child a flexi-leash unless it's broken.)

Then we stepped across the lane to the Starr Plot.  Sugar’s great-grandfather was William Starr Basinger, and William’s mother was Jane Starr Basinger who is buried in this plot.

The Starr plot.

I noticed that there were some carvings on either side of the threshold. To the right "1887". Sugar thinks that some of these folks were buried at Laurel Grove, then re-interred here, because some of the graves are prior to 1887.

To the left "G 9".

When you stand facing the Starr threshold, then turn 180 degrees, you see the Basinger plot.  And there’s the poinsettia that Sugar just placed.

That poinsettia really brightened up that spot.

When we left that cemetery, we went to the cemetery next door, Forest Lawn. We’d never been there before, and indeed don’t know anyone buried there (at least not now we don’t, but you never know what this blog will bring), and it overlooks the river.

This boat obliged us by being in the right spot at the right time for a scenic photo-opportunity.

After the poinsettia-placing, we went to the Sentient Bean to pick up a late lunch, then strolled over to Forsythe Park to eat, and Little L enjoyed watching a drummer in the park.

He handed her a pair of maracas to play.

Then homeward.

And a good time was had by all.


It’s All About the Grants

December 20, 2011

I received several donations this holiday season to be put toward cat rescue.  So here’s a little visual regarding what this money can accomplish.

A)  Three male cat neuters, or

B)  Twelve large bags of cat food at $12.50 each, or

C)  Two-and-a-half female cat spays (that half part is awkward, isn’t it?), or

D)  21.43 rabies vaccinations at $7 each, or

E)  15 FVRCP vaccinations at $10 each, or

F)  300 cans of cat food for trap bait at 50 cents per can, or

G)  25 bales of hay for winter bedding, or

H)  3 humane traps for the catching part, or

I)  46.15 gallons of gas at $3.25 per gallon for the driving-around part, or

J)  150 gallons of chlorine bleach at $1/gallon for sanitizing the traps and holding areas.

What did I miss?


Many, many thanks to the folks who made this possible!!