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Different Strokes for Different Fokes

December 19, 2011

Here’s a little post about grooming.  I’m not talking about your daily grooming, like brushing your teeth and washing your face.  I’m talking about PET grooming.

So the BabyBoy had a client call last week in the middle of the day about having his standard poodle groomed.  Sure, he said, bring him on by.

It turned out that the dog had not been groomed since April, a good eight months ago.  And the dog lives outside.  All the time.  The owners decided that they’d get him cleaned up a bit so that he could come into the house for Christmas.

This guy had felted fur right down to the skin, so of course he had to be shaved.

Nice-looking hairy beast.


Preliminary shaving of the back results in this.

Notice the clock.  The dog was dropped off in the early afternoon.  He’s already had his bath, which included two sudsings (Is that a word?  I’ll ask google later.) of flea shampoo.  Of course.  Flea infestation.

My goodness, I love this photo. Children, when your mama taught you to comb your hair, it was for a reason. Either comb your hair or the barber will peel it off like an onion layer, right down to the scalp using scary vibrating razors.

His skin is still damp, even after drying for a long time.  The felted hair trapped the moisture (and a lot of the fleas) against his skin.  Sometimes the trapped moisture can cause problematic skin conditions and/or infections, not to mention having to limit oneself to online dating and chat rooms.

Can I get enough of this visual? I think not.

And suddenly, a dog appears.

In actuality, this took hours to achieve.  That BabyBoy is one good groomer.

And you kids out there?  Comb your hair.