A Lost Pattern

A knitted afghan square contrasts beautifully against Ole Yeller's windshield and hood.

My friend Maria grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York state.  (Digression #1:  It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  New York.  Again.  Oh, hello, my three fans from NY!)

Maria’s grandmother was a knitter, and Maria inherited some of her grandmother’s stash, including these knitted diamonds and a boatload of yarn to finish the project.  It seems that her grandmother was mid-project on an afghan, and Maria seemed to think that I could help her out by deciphering the pattern and knitting a test swatch.  (Digression #2:  CATskill. Really?  Does every post I write really need to have the word “cats” in it?)

I’m an idiot, but mostly I just can’t say no, except in that area that my mother told me about, and then yes, I could say no, but mostly I just. can’t. say. no.  And I’m a knitting antiquities hoarder, because knitting can be stuffed in crannies and crevices, and I like genealogy.  (Digression #3:  That didn’t make sense to you?  Welcome to my mind.)

So I took in the knitting and the yarn, and stuffed it in the storage compartment under my bed in the RV.  And mentally I stuffed the project to the back of my mind, because I simply did not have time to focus on the project, what with being a college student and all.  I knew that one day I would graduate, and lie down in a dark room for a bit just breathing in the silence, and then I would get up and work on the project.  (Digression #4:  A room would be necessary for the lying-down part, and I *so* don’t have a room.  No, the shed does not count.)

One day Maria called me and asked for her grandmother’s knitting project.  The she showed up at my work to pick it up and announced that she was moving.  Now, mind you, Maria had been telling me for the entire five years since I met her that she was moving, so this was a bit of a surprise.  (Digression #5:  Foreshadowing?  I think not.)  And I had not touched the project at all.  In actuality, I was a bit daunted by the difficulty of the project and wasn’t even sure if I could re-create the pattern.

So I draped the squares across the car and Maria and took pictures because really?  Someday I am going to figure it out.  (Digression #6:  The pattern.  I’m talking about figuring out *the pattern*.)

No twist to the yarn at all. Bizarre.


You knit a bunch of these, then sew them together for a superafghan.

Still no twist to the yarn. Still bizarre.

(Digression #7:  Maria said that her grandmother could knit a pair of slippers – or was it socks, which doesn’t sound possible – in ONE day.  She was like some super-speed-demon knitter, which could be where Maria gets her caffeine addiction.)

This is the draping-over-Maria part. Lordy, they grow 'em big in the Catskills. (Whoops. Double entendre.)

So enjoy the photos.  And if you already have the pattern, please give me a clue.  I need all the help I can get.






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6 Responses to “A Lost Pattern”

  1. Kariann Says:

    New favorite post!

    Can’t help on knitting, I am textile challenged.


  2. Sharon Says:

    Ruth, My grandmother knitted and I have never seen such beautiful work, the leaf is just wonderful! I am going to look through the pattern books I have (some very old) to see if there is anything close.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sharon, the point that has the solo leaf is the central motif. I would guess that, due to the shape of the diamond, there were 5 sections joined at the center. Hey, what if they were joined together tumbling-blocks-style?


  3. leo Says:

    Ruth, I like this style of writing, and it reminds me of that classic where the young fellow is in school and gets kicked out, and he has a younger sister, and they live in New York and at some point he is in Central Park, but I can’t remember the name of the book, or the author for that matter. In the meantime I wonder why you will lie down in the dark room instead of finishing the roll of film that you went in there for in the first place, but instead you seem to have some sort of mixed up idea of knitting, and that’s not what a dark room is for so i don’t understand it at all.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Leo, welcome to my mixed-up mind. I don’t know that book at all, or if I do know the book, I don’t know that I know it.


  4. leo Says:

    I’m better today than I may have been yesterday, but I wasn’t much then, but anyway I remember the name of the book now, so that seems to be some improvement. The book is “The Catcher in the Rye” by J. D. Salinger starring young Holden Caulfield.


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