Errol & the Baby

In previous discussions of “feral” cats, we have not talked much, if at all, about what is called a “soft” feral.  Some feral cats are hardcore feral, what I call crazyferal.  There are other cats who are somewhere between crazyferal and domesticated.  Those in-betweeners might be seen in the daytime, but will not allow you to touch them much, if at all, and they basically tolerate your presence while waiting for you to provide food.  If you get to the babies fast enough and socialize them, they can be adopted.

At the grooming/boarding salon, we took in a three-month-old soft feral baby for about a week, right before Thanksgiving, while she recovered from her spay surgery.  I found someone who wanted to adopt her, and I hoped that the baby would come around in a timely fashion.

The first day of confinement found her to be hissy.  The next day she had surgery, and I didn’t see her again until the following morning when I picked her up from the spay/neuter clinic.  She was a little less hissy.  By the fourth morning of confinement, she was lounging on her bed.  On day ten she went to her new home, still a bit shy, but doing considerably well for a former feral.

Errol the FormerFeral met her on day 8.

The shaved tummy shows that she has had surgery recently.

She sees Errol at the door, and hops out of the condo, and heads over to the door to meet him.


They greet each other with a face rub.

And Errol heads onward to his next good deed.

The baby went to her new home the day before Thanksgiving, the same day that the picnic table wars started.  She has a new rhinestone collar, and a new name.



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One Response to “Errol & the Baby”

  1. Sugel Says:

    WOW!!! I just saw this post for the first time today, and sat down with a cup of tea and read all 5 pages of it. what a great saga!! And great pictures too. Those cats are really lovely, and very lucky to have found you. Actually, I don’t believe in ‘luck’. I think this was meant to happen, they were meant to find you (and vice versa), etc. I was happy too, that you let your cats on the kitchen table (I do also, as it’s by the window, they seem to congregate there – all 6 of the inside ones, at least – my neighbors think it’s disgusting. Ha! too bad…Your histoire reminds me of when I lived in New York and would come across feral cats near where I lived. They seemed to be wilder than the ones I find here in Ireland, maybe because life for a suburban or urban feral cat is so much scarier. I also have a theory about more skitterish cats having bad eyesight and so are more nervous because they don’t see things as clearly. Anyway, I know that I’ve come into this at the very end, but I really enjoyed reading all 5 pages, and seeing the pictures, etc. It was great!


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