I Am Still A College Graduate! (Part Whatever)

Why, yes, George did sleep here. Thankyouforasking.

I am a procrastinator.  I proudly claim it and own it.  Only 4 1/2 months after my celebratory graduation trip with the best sister-in-law in the world, I’m finishing the blog series “I Are a Collitch Gradjit”.

So Sunday morning found us in the garden sipping coffee and waiting for breakfast.

Vanna, tell them what they've won.

But on the way downstairs, I prowled about and took photos of the LawtonFest B&B.

My goodness, I love this photo, even if I did take it myself. This is taken out the window in a seating nook next to the elevator.

Where’s Waldo, Brazilian style. This is the waiting area at the elevator, so when the elevator door opens, you see this massive display cabinet. Only we’re doing that in reverse, since we are starving and all.

SIL has an incredible amount of energy, and her energy demanded that we stroll out and about before the heat became too unbearable.  We headed west, since we were at an easterly point of Savannah.

The sidewalk next to the B&B looking toward the square.

The same sidewalk looking back toward the B&B. The brick and glass tower in the upper right of the photo is the elevator shaft of the B&B.

Oglethorpe Square

I have no clue what the building is, but LOOK AT THE TREES. Pure oxygenating.

We came to a church on the corner, the Lutheran Church of the Ascension, where the greeters invited us in for coffee.  We decided over coffee that we would come back for the morning church service when we’d finished our LawtonFest B&B breakfast, because those Lutherans were just not going to take no for an answer.

It was a rousing, patriotic 4th of July service.

We met up with this poor homeless Clemson fan, who looks strangely like my brother-in-law.

After the church service, we strolled around the city.  It was pretty hot and muggy, but a beautiful day nonetheless.

I apologize for the shadows on the historical markers, but the trees would not cooperate AT. ALL.

Tomo-Chi-Chi one important dude.


Tomo-Chi-Chi, Mico of the Yamacraws, a tribe of the Creek

Indian Nation, is buried in this Square.  He has been called a co-founder,

with Oglethorpe, of Georgia.  He was a good friend to the English,

a friendship indispensable to the establishment of the Colony as a

military outpost against Spanish invasion.  He negotiated with Ogle-

thorpe the treaty, formally ratified on May 21, 1733, pursuant to

which Georgia was settled.  Mary Musgrove, half-breed niece of

Emperor Brim of theCreek Indians, acted as interpreter between

Oglethorpe and Tomo-Chi-Chi and lent her great influence to the

signing of that treaty and to the treaties negotiated by Oglethorpe

with other tribes of the Creek nation.

In 1734, at the age of 84, with his wife Senauki, Tomo-Chi-Chi

visited the English Court and was received by the King and by the

Archbishop of Canterbury.  He was a man of fine physique, tall and

of great dignity.

He died October 5, 1739 at Yamacraw Indian Village, and at his

request was brought to Savannah to rest among his English friends.

He was buried here with military honors.

And across the way is another church tower.

The building says something important over the door.

This is the Independent Presbyterian Church, founded 1755, as a branch of the Church of Scotland.  More photos are at the church’s website here.

We found a coffee shop across the way with *coffee* and more importantly, *bathrooms*, since we had increased our hydration level, what with the heat and all.

The coffee shop ceiling. I want one.

We reluctantly decided to end our trip and to head back to the LawtonFest B&B to check out.  BIL & SIL and two charming children had an eight-hour drive ahead of them.  We strolled back to our room at the B&B, packed up to head downstairs, and I walked down the stairs, snapping photos as I went.

It will perhaps be good to note here that this B&B was once a double townhouse.  Doorways were opened between the two residences at the stairways.  Sugar and I had once found that the address for A. R. Lawton was on York Street, but that was when there was a different numbering system, and we couldn’t decided which of several houses was A. R. Lawton’s.  We finally decided that a specific house was the absolute correct one, and I made some serious stalker-style photos, one even through the mail slot, and then we found out later that we were absolutely wrong.  Much apologies to the wrong house, although I didn’t photograph anything juicy.  Those photos will come later, much later, unless I get detained by the law enforcers first.  Then they won’t come at all.

On the second floor. Dead giveaway, what with the third floor being above and the first floor being below.

Hallway looking into the elevator area.

Another favorite shot. I couldn't quite get the laundry room into the photo and still act nonchalant. I like the areas that are practical and not dressed up for show.

So we said our good-byes and got all misty-eyed, because who knows when we’ll see each other again.  The BIL, being a gentlemanly sort, took the SIL’s luggage, and they headed back to their hotel on Bay Street.  (Note to you historical types:  the picture below shows the Owens-Thomas house.  Google it.  It’s important stuff.  And ask yourself now why the side porch balcony is so clean and refurbished and stand-outy.)

The sad part of the story.

So Ole Yeller and I shared a cup of coffee as we gazed back at the LawtonFest B&B.

Graduation.  It’s not for sissies.

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One Response to “I Am Still A College Graduate! (Part Whatever)”

  1. leo Says:

    I think the last photo is of the homeless Clemson fan, and your sister-in-law is not about to let a good man get away. I can’t remember the name of your favorite Georgia author that wrote, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” You’ll know who I’m trying to think of.


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