George Mosse’s Next Adventure

What to do about darling George Mosse?

George was neutered, vaccinated, and made healthier through a good diet and a serious de-worming regimen.  But what to do with him?  An extra dog at my place is just a deal-breaker.  Even I have my limits, and sometimes I actually obey them.  Sugar was pretty sure that George wouldn’t be a perfect fit in his group, plus George, having  been neutered as an adult with developed habits, *marked* his territory.  Y’all know what I mean.

Georgie had to be crated at night when we left for the day. Gerald the kitten, recovering from yet another respiratory infection, keeps him company.

He was fine livng at the grooming business, but, really, what kind of opportunity is that to find a perfect home?  It would seem like it would be a good opportunity, but George marked his territory there.  More than once.  Lots of folks who have their dogs groomed don’t have a place in their home for a dog who might will lift his leg and pee on the furniture.  So after much debate between BabyBoy, Sugar, and myself, we decided that the next course of action would be for George Mosse to go to the shelter.

We know that the shelter is the local county shelter, which is partners with animal control, which means that there is always a chance for euthanasia.  Yet if we present a healthy young dog, medium-sized, neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, leash-trained, and social, his chances of NOT being euthanized are good.  No-brainer.

So with much foot-dragging, we bid good-bye to George Mosse.  I picked him up from the grooming business, and he leaped into Ole Yeller.

George Mosse: "Oh, goody, I love a good car ride."

I took this picture and the next one outside the grooming business.  When we got to the shelter, and he heard the other dogs barking, he climbed all over me and stood on me in excitement.  He couldn’t wait to get out and join the party, so I have no more photos to show.

I’ve since inquired as to George’s status, and, while the shelter workers really won’t reveal very much, one person told me that she believed George was part of a transport to another shelter out of the area.  So if any of you folks happen to meet a little red-headed Irish doggie, tell our Georgie we said hey.



2 Responses to “George Mosse’s Next Adventure”

  1. Kariann Says:

    Saying a prayer of thanks for you, Sugar and BabyBoy caring for George and a prayer for the perfect family to come along and adopt him.


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