Ringworm! Or, Thankyouverymuch.

Right on target.

I’ve taken care of plenty of stray cats, kits, dogs, and puppies, and I’ve never gotten ringworm.  I laugh in the face of ringworm.  Until now.

We were boarding a four-week-old kitten at the grooming and boarding business.  She had the worst case of ringworm I’d ever seen, and she was kind enough to share it.

Don't even ask where else it can pop up. And I was nowhere near those places.

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2 Responses to “Ringworm! Or, Thankyouverymuch.”

  1. Ken Winters Says:

    When we lived in Fl. in early 2011 we had noticed a tuxedo (feral) feline roaming our neighborhood for over a year or so and did not feed it as we had 4 cats already. We got to feeling sorry for her so we started feeding her in early 2011. One day I noticed she had a fat belly and it didn’t dawn on me at first but she was pregnant. We had our home up for sale to move out of state and knew we could not just leave her behind as she was expecting us to feed her as she would always come around in the morning and evening. I borrowed a trap from a cat rescue and took her to my vet and our vet aborted the pregnancy and fixed her. She was going to drop the babies anytime so it was important I catch her asap. She was terrified of people and didn’t know what to think. Anyway that was July 7, 2011 we had trapped her and now almost 2 years later she is no longer afraid of us and gets along well with our other guys/gals. She has the sweetest personality and no longer hides from us lets us get close to her. She is a very happy indoor puss and her tail is up all the time. We had never done this for a feral before but we had to save her from the outside elements.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      These readers love a good rescue story! It is amazing the transformation that can take place. You did everything absolutely perfectly!


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