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Andrew Jackson Rhea and Rebeca Johnson Rhea

November 3, 2011

From the RV archives comes an old letter written by Andrew Jackson (A. J.) Rhea to his son William “Dock” Rhea.  This copy comes to me from cousin Diana McDonald of Mexia, Texas.  She sent many old letters written to Dock and his wife Martha “Mattie” Gamble Rhea.

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Pages 1 and 2 of a 4 page letter.

Ellejoy E Tenn Blount Co

May 5th 1880

Dour Son and douter it is with plasure that I rite you afue lines to let you no that wee air all well at pres hoping that this may fin you Aall injouningthe same good blesing I have had a very bad spell With my head tho I am Well and gone to Work a gane  I have No newes of much interist to rite you  Wee have hade a grate deal of rain this spring with wind and hal  on the last Satterday in March ther was  a Wind Storm thruu here bloed A tree don in and Kill that young givens (?) that worked with Hue Colt all so here horse and cripped tounsls Sliotey  it blod Claks Saw mill Shed don at Knoxvill and Kill him in it edd Clark Wheat is no promising by no moro (?) it has the rust  Son Wel air bee hind With oir crop this Spring tho I have a very good garden  I have potato sprouts large a nuf to put out the pech peair plum crop air all killed the canidates air All well primed and redding fur just to cock and shoot and Wee have loded More rule with A rifel charge  John Amprester is a canidat for constibell I beleve that is all the strang nuise that I have the relation on both sides air all Well as far as I no  Your Mothers helth is not very good tho she is stil going  Jack and Hettie has moved

I have not reseved but the one letter from you sense the card you rote me beefore you got to you joerney end and that dated New Years day  I have bin so anches that I have went to the ofes every mail and I cant tell what is up that you doo not rite and let me no how you air pleas and if you and your famly air well or not by you not riting makes me oneasy granma to the children love (sp?) you and minie must rite to me and rite often Dock I think often A bout you and your family  I would lik so well to see you all but I cant see you Kiss them littel children for me and tell them that I have not forgot them and never will  Dock don’t bee so long riting to us for wee wont to here from you  Jack saw your M(??) mair it mairvill (Maryville) the other day  She is in fine order  he did not see the colt  Granma Joncen is here and sais she would lik to see you all and tried to get to your house beefour you lef but coulnot  So I will close by asking you a gain to not fail in riting to us  We send our love to you and family take car of your helth and trust your sol in car of the blesed Savore

So we no at present your father and mother A. J. and Rebeca Rhea to W. F. Rhea

I forgot John Hedrick is out of the penetenture and (??) Nell Cuningham cals here babe rebeca Lue.


There are a lot of records available on about A. J.Rhea.  He was in the Civil War, having been born about 1815, and lived to at least 1891 when a Tennessee census shows him to be about 76 years old.  After his son Dock moved west to Arkansas, then Oklahoma, A. J. and Rebeca most probably never saw those children again.  If there was a reunion, I have no proof of it.