Merah Yearout

Merah Yearout

In a cleaning effort earlier this week to lighten the load here at the RV Palace and Genealogy Repository, I found Merah Yearout hiding in an overhead compartment of the RV.  No, not the true Merah, who is buried in the Lenoir City Cemetery, but the photo from Dan Yearout that I referred to in an earlier post.  I also found Merah’s Civil War file, which is printed on legal size paper.  My scanner will only scan 8 1/2 X 11 paper, so I will have to figure out a system to scan the files so that I can post them to the blog.

And I know y’all just can’t wait.

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8 Responses to “Merah Yearout”

  1. Dan Edward Yearout, 7/5/1928-9/11/2010 « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] So.  Merah Yearout and his wife are buried in the Lenoir City Cemetery when my parents and my mother’s parents and various other collateral relatives are buried.  Small world.  I’d never heard of Merah Yearout until I met, by email, his descendant Dan Yearout.  Who sent a picture of Merah that I cannot find now (insert future finding of picture of Merah Yourowl HERE!! Click here!!). […]


  2. carol Says:

    Merah was my great-great grandfather. My mother was Floria Swanson Yearout and her brother was William Harrison Yearout of Lenoir City, TN. My name is Carol Justice Sloan. My mother was the Yearout. She looked just like her grandfather, Merah.

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    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hello, Carol, and welcome to the blog! Then we are cousins of sorts. Merah served with my great-great-grandfather and two of his sons. They are related in a Webb line.


  3. Carol Sloan Says:

    Okay, I know that the Yearout name was changed some years ago from it’s original Jahraus of Germany. Does anyone know more about that?


  4. ruthrawls Says:

    I didn’t know about the Jahraus name until Dan Yearout sent a letter to me about the Jahraus family in Germany. I’d love to know more. Somebody? Anybody?


    • Carol Sloan Says:

      Before Merah Yearout, the name was Jahraus. Since no one could spell it or say it, it was changed, maybe by his father. It is a Prussian name and there are a few descendants left in Germany. The Jahraus family came here in 1600’s. There is a whole genealogy on them and traced to Ilbeseheim, Germany. I might not have spelled that right.

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  5. Carol Sloan Says:

    Since Dan Yearout was a direct descendant of Merah, and he has now passed, is his wife still alive or other relatives?


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