I Kid You Not

My laptop has died. I dug out my Nook e-reader (ever typed on an e-reader?). I can type 70+ wpm, and this is pure torture on a touchscreen. Now I understand why text messages are so abbreviated and confusing. It’s hard work doing everything properly.
Repair? Or replace?

3 Responses to “I Kid You Not”

  1. leo Says:

    My desktop failed a few weeks ago. I think it was a virus, but unsure. I faced the same question. I decided to buy new rather than repair. I had a backup on most of my stuff, but not my email program so I lost all of my addresses. Try to at least save yours if you do replace.


  2. sparky46er Says:

    rule of thumb for technology is that a device is outdated in 18 months and obsolete in 36 months.

    the cost of units today and the relative horsepower in even a low end model outmuscles anything made even 6 months ago. moore’s law is getting tighter all the time.

    unless your laptop is less than 12 months old (which then should make it eligible for warranty) i would replace it.

    a netbook or budget laptop can be found for less than $500 (netbook $350). if you choose a netbook you will want to invest in a keyboard/mouse for home to keep your wpm average up. it is also great for keeping on you around town.

    the other option is a tablet. again, around $500 gets you in on one, but your wpm will not be at 70 wpm unless you get pretty nimble.

    personally – i would take an iPad.

    either way you look at you, you are the proud owner of a technological brick. congratulations.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sparkster, I knew I could count on you. The darlin’ little laptop was actually replaced two days ago, budget style. I looked at the netbooks but couldn’t commit. I didn’t have enough time to do deep research on the netbooks, and I know nothing about the iPad.


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