Parade?! (Part 3)

Camouflaged Packy.


So.  Packy and I cut across somebody’s corner yard to get away from some of the exhaust from the cars.  They had a big Rotty chained up in their back yard who was none to happy with the festivity-makers.  We cut back into the parade, taking our spot at #37, sometimes walking ahead and chatting with folks both in the parade and on the sidelines.  It was a happy group of people.

Packy and I walk right down the middle of the street. We've made the 1st turn on the parade route, and we're heading west now. We're still not at the official start of the parade.


At one point, the car in front of you had to pull over and the driver had to check under the hood. That's the car that was spewing exhaust. Unfortunately, they got it running again.


Ah, we're making the right-hand turn at the official start of the parade. The officers were taking pictures, so I took their picture, too, that being the only fair thing to do.


We  headed north on Jacob Smart Boulevard which is the main north-south artery.  Finally, we’re on the official parade route!

BabyBoy and Awesome Otter.


The Milk-Bone box was dropped, and someone came over from the sidelines to help pick up. Awesome Otter and PackettHead helped, too.


A potential customer!





Oops. Falling behind again.



Here's the main intersection in town featuring one of the three traffic lights.


Still walking, but the end is in sight. It's a little town.


Hank Davis gives us a big shout-out.


The end! The officers show us the next right hand turn, and we've almost made a complete circle as we get ready to head east.


A local beauty queen in high heels.


And as we make our way back to the grooming salon, I see what I have been attempting to photograph out my car window for days, but there have always been people out in the yard, and I know that now’s my chance to photograph a Porta-Cocker.

A porta-cocker turned into a porch.


Yup, a porta-cocker.  And that’s a story for another day….

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2 Responses to “Parade?! (Part 3)”

  1. leo Says:

    How come you got so many of them red lights? We don’t got none. You guys is using them all.


  2. Kariann Says:

    Aways a cliff hanger 🙂

    Great story!


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