Dr. George Mosse of Ireland and SC

One of Sugar’s ancestors is Dr. George Mosse who lived in Revolutionary times.  George and his wife Dorothy Phoebe Norton Mosse had seven daughters, three of whom married Lawtons.

You can read a bit about Dr. George Mosse here.  You can also do an internet search for more of the standard information about George Mosse.

Sugar’s uncle Edward Lawton wrote several books, one of them being Saga of the South.  Edward mentions a tidbit about Dr. George Mosse, who was captured by the British.  While a prisoner on a ship, he spotted an island that he knew to be friendly, and he slipped overboard and swam underwater for as long as he could, and made his way to safe territory.  He and his family lived on St. Helena’s Island in the Beaufort District, later moving to Savannah for better educational opportunities for his family, and then moving to Black Swamp, SC, an area now close to Garnett.


Last Saturday early, by 7 AM, I was doing some bookwork at home on my laptop for Sugar’s new grooming and boarding business, when he called to remind me to pick up some supplies at the building supply center for a project at the business.  But first I had to head over to the grooming business because there were some boarders who needed to be fed and walked.  I took care of the boarders, and the resident cats, Errol, Car E., and Gerald (who still needs a home, y’all).  I stopped at the Burger King for a breakfast biscuit and some coffee, and for a brief moment wavered between going there or to the Waffle House.  Then I stopped at the post office for stamps and to check the post office box.  Next I headed over the Sugar’s to get his van to transport the supplies.  I got the van with no problem and headed to the home supply store, when I got a phone call to meet someone back at the grooming business for boarding.  So I deviated over to wait on the boarder. 

This was unusual activity for me for a Saturday.  I like to sleep late, and generally don’t accomplish very much.  I was eager to get back to the accounts for the business, because I’m using a new program, and I’d just about figured it out.  It was weighing heavy on my mind to get this task accomplished. 

The boarder finally showed up, and I headed over to the home supply store, made my purchase, and it was loaded into the van.  I headed back to Sugar’s to leave the van with its cargo, and to trade out the vehicles, when I spotted a beauty/barber shop, and desperately needing a haircut, I pulled in.  The woman said the haircut would be $10.  My wallet was empty, and I realized that my emergency stash was in my car, and I was in Sugar’s van.  I asked the woman if she would take a check and she said no, so I told her I’d be back in 15 minutes.  On the way back to the van, I reached in my pocket for the keys, and I found that I had some money in my pocket after all, easily enough for a haircut, and for one moment I stopped, looking at the money in my hand, not sure what to do.  Do I go back in the shop or do I go get my car?  Another vehicle pulled into the parking lot, and a fellow that I had just seen at the home supply store went into the shop, so that sealed my decision.  I’d go on, get my car, and come back. 

I pulled into his driveway when I noticed something that looked like a small dog curled up in front of Sugar’s address sign.  But that didn’t make sense.  It’s a busy highway and why would a dog just curl up there?

I rolled down the window with one hand and reached for the camera with the other.  I thought the dog would run when he saw me, but he just looked mournfully at me, and turned his head away.  I could see blood on his muzzle and on his front feet, and there were a few splashes on his coat.

He let me pat his head with one hand while I called a local vet’s office on my cell phone.  I scooped him up and put him in the van, then drove on down Sugar’s driveway, and transferred him into my car.  I called Sugar and told him that I was enroute to the vet’s with a dog from his driveway.

The vet found no broken bones and only an abrasion on his right front foot that was deep enough to bleed freely, but the blood had already started to clot.  When they asked if he had a name, I popped out with “George Mosse”.  They looked confused at each other, and I explained, “Well, of course, George Mosse, the famous Revolutionary patriot that is Sugar’s ancestor”, and they said, “Yes.  Of course”.  A little clean-up, and a rabies shot, and we were on our way, back to the grooming business that was starting to look like a shelter.

George Mosse at the ready with a saber and cat trap.

Later, when Sugar got finished working for The Man, we went to the business so he could meet George Mosse.

Sugar fills the food and water bowls at the cat station at the business.

But how did our George Mosse come to be curled up at the end of Sugar’s driveway?  Sugar has a theory.  Our George Mosse was a captive on a vehicle, and he sensed a friendly island in hostile territory, and he flung himself from the ship, causing bodily harm to himself, and made his way to a friendly land.

Yeah, I didn’t get the books finished nor did I get a haircut.

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3 Responses to “Dr. George Mosse of Ireland and SC”

  1. Becky Says:

    That dog has the face of an angel. I like Sugar’s theory about how G.M. found his drive; ’tis a lovely poetic analogy!!


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    See how he’s always looking past me when I take his photo? That’s because he’s looking at Sugar.


  3. George Mosse’s Next Adventure « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] What to do about darling George Mosse? […]


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