Carheart and Errol

Not long ago, Sugar heard his dogs kicking up a ruckus at the fence.  He looked out, and saw nothing, and told the dogs to stop.  Being obedient, perfect dogs, they did not stop, but kept barking at Sugar’s van parked outside the fence.

Being the attentive, perfect dog owner that he is, Sugar went outside the fence, but could see nothing.  However, he heard a tiny *mew*.  A very tiny one.

He looked around the van.  Nothing.  (*mew*)

He got the keys, unlocked the van, and looked inside, already knowing that there was nothing in the van.  Nothing.  (*mew*)

He opened the hood of the van, and there, perched down inside the van’s engine, was a tiny kitten.  (*mew*)

So he spoke to her, and she came to him.  And then he put her in a humane trap for safe-keeping until he could decide what to do with her, as if the decision weren’t already made.

Let me insert here that about two months ago, Sugar bought a local grooming business.  The kitten came along right after he had signed the papers and the business was officially his, but not yet open for business.  We decided that she could go stay at the business because there were plenty of cages available (as if she would actually live in a cage), and then we could decide what to do with her.

In the meantime, Sugar fell in love with her and named her Carheart, not Carharrt, because she was found in the heart of a car.  He calls her Car E. (or Karree). 

Car E. then fell in love with Errol the former feral who was also living at the business.  (It was a good thing that Sugar bought a business with room for stray cats.)  Errol is the one with the ruptured lens on his left eye which looks a little wonky but doesn’t slow him down.  At all.

We’ve been wondering about making the cat room more interesting for the two stray kittens who now own the grooming business.  Yes, I did say “Room”, for they are not living in the cages, and if anyone of you out there thought that those cats would live in cages, you must go immediately to the nearest realityometer and have your reality tested.  Both cats showed negative for feline aids and feline leukemia, and it was safe to let them meet.  We looked at those awesome climbing towers at PetSmart, and I cringed at the thought of spending the money when we have boards and lumber in a back room of the grooming salon, and all we have to do is build one.  So simple.

I looked for a climbing tower on craigslist, and found none, so we decided to commit to one at PetSmart.  And as luck would have it, they were no longer on sale. 

But!  We DID find this scratchy-thingy shaped like a letter “S” on its side.  It was a real hit.  Car E dove under immediately to play with the feather that was suspended on the underside, like a mini-boxing bag.

Errol: "CarHead. Won't. Share."

Car-E: "Is this what crack is like?" Errol: "And now I will play the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth".

Errol: "Car-E, can I play with it please? I asked real nice."

Car-E: "I'm drunk."

Car-E stops for refreshments. Errol can't believe his luck.

Errol: "Anybody want my little sister? I'll make you a really good deal."

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3 Responses to “Carheart and Errol”

  1. Becky Says:

    Ha ~ “The first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth”. That Sugar is a good man; it’s obvious even through the internet. 🙂


  2. Errol, Gerald, and Car E. « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] to take care of the three cats that live there.  Handsome one-eyed Errol, SweetFace Gerald, and Charming Car E. love to sit in the window’s deep sill and enjoy the view and soak up the […]


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