Spay! Neuter! Don’t Be A Polluter!

About 2 months ago, a couple brought their dog to the vet’s office where I work.  It seems, that, maybe, perhaps, the dog, might, it’s possible, have, ummmm, *mated* a few days before. 

Well, either she did or she didn’t.  If you’ve ever seen a dog mate, that’s a pretty clear visual.

A female dog’s gestation period is about 2 months, approximately 60-64 days.  It would seem that this particular female dog delivered a litter of 12 puppies eight days ago. 

I am of the opinion that yes, indeed, the dog did, ummmm, *mate* when they thought she did.

Eleven, count 'em, eleven pups. Yes, I know it looks like ten. Count them again to find the missing pup.

I vote that the mother had more than one boyfriend.

Bella: "Can someone please lend me a paw? I'm too tired to sit up."


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