A Tree Falls in the Forest

Last Tuesday, August 9, I was out setting a cat trap around 7PM when the wind started to blow like something out of the Wizard of Oz.  Fortunately for me a wild, hungry cat went into the trap almost immediately, and I loaded up the cat and headed over to the grooming salon & pet boarding business that Sugar just bought last month (that’s another story) where he lets me overnight trapped cats.  (It’s so handy because it’s next door to the spay/neuter clinic!) 

Before I got to the salon (which was closed, but *I* have a key), the rains unleashed in a deluge still accompanied by the high winds, which makes for awkward going in a car that is powered by a sewing machine engine, if a sewing machine ran on four horses.  (Wow, that was a long sentence, and will serve as a full paragraph.)

That’s went I saw a pile of rope on the road ahead of me.  In my old age, I have actually begun to question things that seem out of the ordinary, not like when I heard a loud BANG at work, said, “Wow, that sounded really bad”, continued to work, and discovered upon leaving for the day that my rear window on my car, you know that big important one on the back of the car, was. SHATTERED.

“Aha, rope,” says me, “are you really rope, and why are you in the road?”  The rope obliged me by moving about, showing me that the rope was actually a large, frightened snake unable to move off the road by either fear or injury. 

At this point I discovered that it is impossible to take a good picture of a mass of snake in a rainstorm  in high winds through the windshield (that’s the big important window on the front of the car). 


I had the brilliant idea that I would turn off the windshield wipers instead of trying to take the picture through the wiper blades swiping back and forth.  Yeah, that was no good, too.

The grooming building is on the right, oh so far away.


Suffice it to say, I DID cross the double yellow lines to get to the grooming salon.  I already had a substantially-sized sticky, branchy type thing stuck under my car from driving through the debris on the the street, and I wasn’t interested in picking up a hitch-hiker.


Three days after the sudden-storm-not-on-the-radar incident, I went into the woods to the feral cat feeding station, and saw a ginormous tree *DOWNED* in the woods.  It just went over, most probably from the heavy rains, storms, and high winds.

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The tree fell neatly over, missing my fence, the cat station, the cat dormitory, and the road.  And it never made a noise, because, after all, no one was there to hear it.



4 Responses to “A Tree Falls in the Forest”

  1. Leo Says:

    If a cat, which was not deaf, was there, would it then have made a noise?


    On the above site is a photo titled Oyster Express installed today. A Varn married a Lawton thereabouts, but I don’t know if this is connected.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Good one, Leo. I believe that even if a human is not within the range of hearing, things stilll make noise because the universe is listening.
      Loved the Oyster Express photo, but feel so bad for those people shucking oysters. It’s terribly hard on your hands, and many times you cut yourself for every oyster you shuck.


  2. kariann Says:

    LOVE your new header!!

    That snake is *huge*. Maybe I am not cut out for country life……


  3. ruthrawls Says:

    WordPress has been changing and leaving me behind. My last header just disappeared with no explanation. The new header is a Rawls clan in West Tennessee.


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