Errol the Former Feral

Handsome pirate, about 10 weeks old.

Poor Errol.  He was dropped off at Dot’s Red Dot Liquor Emporium and Beer Store.  Dot feeds ferals, and the locals have decided that unwanted cats and kittens can be left at Dot’s Red Dot, and she will be happy to get them.  While Dot *IS* happy to help felines, it’s an expensive and disheartening proposition to see so many in need.

Errol didn’t have a name, and in the interest of my alphabetical naming system, letter “E” was next.  So Errol Flynn the pirate was born.  Errol’s left eye has an issue.  His lens has ruptured, and his eye needs to be removed.   If you would like to see what this eye looks like, you can click here.

I’ve just received my non-profit status for Catcatcher Corner, and I am attempting to start fund-raising.  (You can still read the blog even if you don’t contribute.)

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