I Am A College Graduate; Or Bedding Down with Harry S. Truman


Whew!  We’re tired and ready to head over to the Presidents’s Quarters in Savannah.  The BabyGirl went along with SIL and me to see what a fancy-schmancy B&B is like.  Let’s just say it’s nice, very nice. 

We got Room 403, the Harry S. Truman room.  That’s a bit disconcerting, isn’t it, sleeping with dead presidents?  Of course, if it were money, that would be another story.

We didn't need this door hanger.

The view out one window showed this building...

A drinking emporium of sorts. We're on the 4th floor and you can see the tops of the crape myrtle trees.

The BabyGirl left to meet up with some family members in a family that I was once married into, but they have not invited me, nor SIL, to join them, so, pooh on them.  They think they put the fun in dysfunctional. 

SIL and I really, really wanted some Leopold’s ice cream.  But the line was so, so long every time we went by that we just had to pass it up.  We were on our way to a ghost tour which was supposed to meet at Ellis Square, but there was no tour forming there, so SIL called the phone number and a recording said that we were supposed to be on Abercorn, but no, there was nothing there either.  We gave up, and just drove about, parked, and strolled like tourists down to the riverfront on River Street overlooking the river.  The evening was a pleasant temperature, and we watched the boats go by. 

After a bit had gone by and darkness had fallen., we located Ole Yeller and drove back to the B&B which, oddly enough, was only a few streets from where we parked.  We were tourists, and everything seemed new, even in Old Savannah.

We turned in before 11PM, with lots more to do and see, like church and homeless people and enjoying the day and coffee, pretty coffee…


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3 Responses to “I Am A College Graduate; Or Bedding Down with Harry S. Truman”

  1. Becky Says:

    Have enjoyed the SIL series immensely. She looks like a barrel of fun from the photos and reading what all you did. As for the H.S.T. room, did y’all, um, “give him hell?” Must go and google Leopold’s.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      I have many more wonderful photos yet to post. Animal stuff has seriously gotten in the way of blogging. I found a kitten with a damaged left eye, Sugar found a kitten in the motor of his van, I’m working on getting a colony of *24* cats/kits spayed/neutered, Sugar bought a grooming business, I’ve been pet-sitting, and then there’s that real 40 hr/week job…


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