I Am a College Graduate!

Yup!  That’s right – I am are is a college graduate!  And the best sister-in-law in the world decided to take me out for a ladies weekend.  She and her good sport husband and good sport sons drove a grueling hot drive up the coast from NearMiami to spend the weekend in Savannah.  She planned a weekend of walking and eating, andandand – the best part – we stayed at the Presidents’s Quarters B&B.  If you remember my post about the Presidents’s Quarters (and, really, why wouldn’t you), you’d remember that it’s a double townhouse where Alexander Robert Lawton resided on one side.  A college graduation celebration with a LawtonFest thrown in, completely by accident.

I met up with them for breakfast where they were staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Bay St.  We filled our tummies in anticipation of needing the calories for strength.  It’s hard work being a tourist.  SIL and I set out in Old Yeller to locate all the fun places that she had planned.  I threw in a little side tour of the area south of the Park by the Brighter Day Health Food Store and the Sentient Bean coffeehouse, and we spotted – my heart be still – a farmers’s market in the park.

Farmers! Marketing!

It was a happy collection of farmers, shoppers, dogs, babies, and passers-by. 


SIL stopped a dog owner so that she could get her dobie fix.



SIL bought some Georgia peaches.


I bought some honey for Sugar.

I bought some romaine lettuce for Gladys the Guinea Pig.  This booth was jumping full of good stuff.

You've heard about it, now get the real thing right here!


This photo is not what it looks like. SIL was not soliciting a police officer. He has his money out because he is buying watermelon juice. Honest.


A beautiful venue on a beautiful day.


A toast to watermelon juice!

Next:  Kitchens on the Square!



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One Response to “I Am a College Graduate!”

  1. Leo Says:

    It appears that you’re having a sinfully good time, and you earned it. Such a joyous occasion. So nice SIL thought so much of you.


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