A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 10-11, 2011, Part 4

After the trip to the Lawtonville Cemetery, we headed back to a local Lawton’s house where iced coffee, sweet tea, and old-fashioneds were served.  The house was loaded with antiques and family stuff.  The highlight of the visit, besides the old-fashioneds, was viewing the oil portraits of deceased Lawtons. 

John Lawton, 1830-1908

Next to John is his wife Elizabeth Stoney Peeples Lawton. They had seven children.

Elizabeth Stoney Peeples Lawton, 1834-1910.

Our hostess, a true descendant, told us that, one winter, a painter stayed with the Lawton family and painted everyone’s portrait, even the dog.  While I don’t have a photo of the dog, I do have a photo of the portrait of the oldest son, the fifth child, also named John Lawton. 

John Lawton, 1863-1933. This photo was taken straight on, and the oils reflect the flash. I followed up this photo with two others taken at different angles.

John Lawton, Jr., was about 21 years old when the portrait was painted.  Several years afterward, he was injured in a riding accident and lost his vision.  He was able to recover his health, but not his vision, and he married and farmed the land.  A family story tells of his wife calling him in the house from working outside one evening, stating that it was dark out.  He replied, “Well, it’s always dark out”.  Or words to that effect. 

John Lawton, Jr.

And here's number 3 of John Lawton.

The painter supposedly signed his name in the upper left hand corner, instead of the traditional lower right.  I can’t seem to see the signature, and it’s not because it’s dark out.  Maybe y’all can help me with that.

As the crowd dispersed and headed homeward, we did the same, and we were left with a slight nostalgic, lonely feeling for family.  Next year’s reunion?  Estill, SC!!


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7 Responses to “A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 10-11, 2011, Part 4”

  1. Kariann Says:

    You have the best detectives on this blog, they will find the signature. Leo??


  2. Becky Says:

    I like John Jr.’s perseverance of farming after losing his eyesight, and especially the “It’s always dark” remark! This sounded like a humdinger of a reunion with multiple layers to enjoy recalling.


  3. arthur holst Says:

    IS there is a reunion to be held in 2013?


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hi Arthur, and welcome to the blog!
      The 2013 LawtonFest was in June. I just haven’t gotten around to writing about it, what with solving mysteries and such. It was a combo reunion with the Lawton and Robert families. Do you want to go to next year’s reunion?


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