A LawtonFest Family Reunion, June 10-11, 2011, Part 1

This is it!  The Lawton and Allied Families Annual Reunion!  Am I a Lawton?  Nope, unless you count me as an honorary member.  These folks didn’t know about www.findagrave.com.  They need me, seeing as how I posted all the Lawton folks buried in the Black Swamp Cemetery in Garnett, SC, on findagrave about three years ago.

The Friday evening dinner was at the Lawtonville Baptist Church, which is no longer in Lawtonville, seeing how it was burned by Sherman’s troops during the Civil War, but now it’s located in Estill, SC, on – what else – Lawton Avenue.  After dinner we were invited in to the Lawtonville Baptist Church’s museum full of random stuff relating to the church’s history.

We're in the reception hall where the dinner was held. The lady speaking now is Mary Eleanor Wiggins Bowers, who is also not a Lawton by birth nor marriage, but knows ALL the local history and people. She gave a little introduction before she invited us into the museum, which is thru the door behind her on your left.

More Lawton descendants

The gentleman in the center of the photo is Edward Daugherty, a famous landscape architect. He's 84 and he *drove* to the reunion.

More (not so) famous Lawton descendants.

More fun LawtonFest photos soon!  Must. sleep. now.  These Lawtons know how to throw a party, cemetery-style.


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