Take Two, They’re Small

No really.  Please, take two.

Cats, that is.

Last week I released Ozzie, Dennis, and Carrie at the feral cat feeding station.  First was Ozzie.  He tiptoed cautiously away, and I watched him head through the woods in the direction of the main road.  I figured that I’d go in search of him after releasing the other two, all the while realizing that he might cross the road and head into the fields beyond.  Dennis, released next, hung around the station and brushed up against the fence like he had lived his whole life for this moment.  Carrie investigated everything, sniffing thoroughly until she was satisfied with the way that things smelled. 

This was a whole new chapter in cat release for me.  These cats were not feral, merely deemed unadoptable by local standards.  They had all been at the shelter for months.  Could they fit in as outdoor cats living in the woods and fields?  Ozzie was a brat who liked to jump on a person’s shoulders after taking a running start up their body.  Dennis was tall, rangy, gangly, and had a sour expression (but don’t judge a cat by its cover).  Carrie was ordinary, just ordinarily plain. 

After opening the crate doors and letting all the cats out, one at a time, I went in search of Ozzie.  He was gone, just gone.  By the time I got back to the cat station, big bad Dennis the Menace was gone.  So was Carrie.  Then I heard a mew, and Dennis came crawling out from under the watering station.  So at least it looked like one might hang around. 

The next morning when I walked outside the RV, I heard insistent meowing.  It was Ozzie.  He had figured out how to get inside the fence, and had stationed himself close to the RV.  He wasn’t sure about the dogs, but he was sure that he was hungry.  I trusted that he would watch the other cats and go to the feeding station in the shed. 

I went into the woods to check the level of food in the feeders, and Dennis was gone.  Carrie had not returned, unless she came during the night.  It looked like one out of three was inside the fence to stay, which was not the way I wanted it to play out, because that would make way too many cats:  Sylvia, Cali, Georgia, Jackie, and Ozzie, although Jackie had recently adopted some weird reclusive personality traits and was living in the loft in the shed and only coming down for food, water, and calls of nature. 

A few mornings later, I went outside the RV and heard meowing – overhead.  It looks like Ozzie’s love of being high was saved for artificial high places, not trees.  He was on the awning and looked like he’d spent the night there. 



Ozzie, the fearless jungle cat.


Ozzie: "Purr. I mean, *RAWR*!


"Think I'll go this way."


"Or not."



"Coffee ready yet?"



A happy, contented cat carries its tail in the air. This cat is waaaaay contented.

Then yesterday evening at dusk, as I went through the side gate on the way to the cat station, I heard a cat, or what I thought was a cat, off in the woods in the underbrush.  “Brrh”.  I said, “Who’s there?”  “Brrrh”, answered the beast and then came crashing through the underbrush.  I hoped it was a cat.  And then an enormous orange cat sprang out at me.  “Dennis!”  Later when I went outside to feed the dogs, there was an unidentified cat INSIDE the fence near the front gate.  Dennis again.  Mr. Packett chased him about, and Dennis found his way outside the fence.

This morning on the way to the cat station, Dennis was still in the woods outside the gate.  Ozzie, Cali, and Sylvia weren’t too sure what to make of it.



So Dennis decided to join the fun, and he climbed the gate, up and over and inside the fence.  Mr. Packett happily chased him up a tree. 

Now when I’m walking about, the cats want to get in my way, and they brush around my legs like cats in a storybook.  When I was in 1st grade, Crazy Cat Woman was not my career choice.  Crazy, yes.  Cat woman, no.

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4 Responses to “Take Two, They’re Small”

  1. Leo Says:

    Are you aware of the song entitled “The Cat Came Back”? I first heard it about 1950 or so, so its been around for a while.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Leo, I’ve been humming that song this week. Thank you for commenting, “because he wouldn’t stay away.”


  2. Becky Says:

    I love your picture captions. My two favorites this time, though, were about the coffee and being way contented.


  3. Tying Up Loose Ends « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] Last year I took in 3 cats from the local shelter.  Dennise, Carrie, and Ozzier were their names.  You can read more about them here: left-click-thingy here and here. […]


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