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The Starr Family Plot in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

May 22, 2011

The Starr Family Plot in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

The threshold to the plot

We had a little LawtonFest today, only it involved Starrs.  You know how one thing leads to another.  I was looking online at for Sugar during a gabfest about the Basinger and Starr families out of Pennsylvania and Virginia.  I thought for sure I’d find some supporting evidence like tombstone pictures, death dates, family links, you know, that kind of fascinating stuff.  There was a hole where there should have been stuff, so we decided to head out to Bonaventure Cemetery, the one mentioned in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, where the Starr plot is.

We found folks we’d never heard of.  I’ve been working on posting the pictures to findagrave and ancestry this evening, and I’ve spent far too long in front of the computer….

Adeline R. Starr, 1802-1887. Her occupation on one census was “Lady of Leisure”. This marker is in the left front of the plot.

William & Ann Starr. This marker is at the right front.

This plot in a plot has some illegible markers, along with the center headstone lying on its face. We debated what to do about the fallen marker. We think we might lift it up to see what it says, and we wonder if there are cemetery police who might frown on such actions.

Sarah Basinger, 1809-1816, only daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Basinger.

Starr unknown.

John G. Starr

Charles H. Starr

William Starr

Starr unknown.

Elizabeth Basinger, 11 months. Directly behind this marker is an outlined grave. Whose grave is this?

No memorial for this child’s grave.

In the back left corner of the plot is Edwin Pearson Starr, the son of Charles Henry Starr. This Edwin Pearson was named for his uncle Edwin Pearson Starr, who is buried in Charleston, SC.

Next we have Jane Starr Basinger, Sugar’s great-great-grandmother. Jane is the mother of William Basinger, a Savannah attorney, who married Margaret Roane Garnett from Virginia.

Lastly, we have Elizabeth “Georgia” Basinger. She is the daughter of Jane Starr Basinger and Thomas Elisha Basinger. Thomas died young after the two children William and Elizabeth “Georgia” were born, and his widow Jane never remarried. “Georgia” herself never married.

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My Other Brother Darrell

May 22, 2011

As promised, here’s Darrell’s other brother Darrell.  They really are brothers.  You can read about the first brother Darrell by clicking here.  These Darrells live in a small colony east of my little town in a littler town named Grahamville which was wiped out when Sherman came through.  If you don’t know who Sherman is, then I can’t help you.  (And on a side note:  When I was growing up I didn’t understand the commotion about the Civil War.  Then I moved to this area about 7 years ago, met Sugar, and we started doing family research.  When Sherman burned his path to the sea to Savannah, his armies turned and headed northerly into South Carolina.  There are still reminders of the scars of that burning that are present today.  And that was when I *got it*.)

Here's Darrell just prior to his release. He's been neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped on his left ear.