As Promised, Darrell the Feral

Darrell: "Hi. I'm Darrell. Let me out now."


Darrell: "I have to go now. I hear my mother calling."

Here’s the latest feral, Darrell, after being neutered.  He’s in the trap in the back of my car for transport to his release site.  Note the heavy-duty plastic garbage bag under him in case he voids his plumbing.  He was happy to get out of the trap.

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4 Responses to “As Promised, Darrell the Feral”

  1. Becky Says:

    Been awaiting this visual; glad you didn’t break that promise. Channeling Bob Newhart show – Where is this cat’s “other brother Darrell”? We are over here monitoring Peanut the cat’s comfort level – she is declining and kidneys are bad but I am not ready to do anything to hasten her death. She seems comfy so far. (((((Peanut)))))


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Keep in mind that if you plan to have her put to sleep, talk to your vet first to find out what his protocol is. Does the vet presedate, does he/she use an IV catheter, does he/she do an abdominal injection? Cats don’t do well with an IV catheter – it stresses them and you want this to be a stress-free time, as much as possible. You’re already going to be crying, and the cat will be stressing. If he/she presedates, the blood pressure drops and the vet can’t find a vein to give the final injection. I’ve seen vets give an injection in the heart, and that is not something an owner wants to witness. An abdominal injection is less stressful, albeit slower, but what’s the hurry? The cat just goes to sleep – it could take about 15 minutes. It’s peaceful for everyone.


      • Becky Says:

        Ah, I knew I could count on you the pet guru for some good guidance, but didn’t even know how to start. Thanks, Ruthie! This is all very helpful for when/if we get to that point. – I’m sure as for humans, there are many different scenarios for how “her time” could play out.


  2. My Other Brother Darrell « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] Darrell.  They really are brothers.  You can read about the first brother Darrell by clicking here.  These Darrells live in a small colony east of my little town in a littler town named Grahamville […]


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