Obituary of Ivy Collins Coker, 1881-1942

The following obituary comes to me from Cousin Harry Coker in Alabama.  Mrs. Doc (Ivy Collins) Coker was his grandmother.

Ivy Collins Coker and my great-grandmother Henrietta Collins Webb were sisters.  One of Henrietta’s daughters was Annie Webb who married Ed Porter.


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5 Responses to “Obituary of Ivy Collins Coker, 1881-1942”

  1. Kariann Says:

    Mercy, I wish I could halfway live up to that obit.


  2. Roma Tipton Says:

    In the 1880 Census for 13th District of Blount Co. it list Ruth age 35; Henrietta age 12 (born 1868); Maud M. (9/21/1868; Charles D. age 9 (1871) William E. age 6 (1874) Birdie I age 11 months born in June. ***could Ivy’s name possible be Bertie Ivy???
    In 1900 Census, 24 Dist, Koxville Ward 10– Ruth Collins age 54;
    William age 23 (son ; Birdie age 21 (daughter); Joseph age 17, son;,
    Sons Charles D (1871) and Joseph G 1883 – 1913 are buried at Eusebia with Ruth.
    I check at Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville to try to find out if by chance Dedrick was buried their since it would be near where they lived. There is no record of him being buried there.


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