Happy 89th Birthday, Great-Grandma Martha Burgess Hedges!

No clue what paper this is from. Or when.


Mrs. J. E. Rawls, Forrest Heights, has returned from Old Hickory, Tenn., where she attended a celebration of her mother’s 89th birthday held last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Brooks on Cleve St.  Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. J. B. Hedges , assisted by members of the Old Hickory Nazarene church, made all the arrangements.

The honoree, Mrs. Martha Hedges, who is spending the winter with her son, J. B. Hedges, went to church Sunday and was to spend the remainder of the day with Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.  Upon arrival there she was ushered into the dining room where the guests began to sing the birthday song and directed her to the huge cake decorated with 89 lighted candles.  A covered dish dinner was then served.

Those enjoying the day with Mrs. Hedges were Rev. Brown, pastor of the church, his wife and daughter, Gwendolyn Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Brooks and daughter, Fay; Mrs. B. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Boyd and sons, Tom and Tim; Miss Edna Nash, Mrs. J. L. Ritchie, Mrs. H. Franklin, Jim Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Anderson and children, Laverne and Bobby; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ages, Miss Willie Cantrell, Thomas Chester, Mrs. Samson, Mrs. Lunn, Mrs. Hedges and daughters, Margaret and Norma Jean.

The honoree received many nice remembrances including messages and gifts from the following relatives unable to attend:  Mr. R. L. Burgess of Arkansas, Mrs. R. R. Simmons of Como, Mrs. D. B. Hays of Cottage Grove, Mrs. Pearl Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rawls, Jettie B. Rawls, and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rawls of Paris.

(Anyone who can offer any information as to who any of these folks are can comment in the “Comments” section.  Mr./Mrs. J. B. Hedges is Martha’s son and his wife, Jewel Burgess Hedges and Clara Hedges. Mrs. R.R. Simmons of Como is Martha’s daughter Iva Dell Hedges Simmons. Mr./Mrs. J. L. Rawls are my uncle and aunt James “Leonard” and Lottie Belle Rawls, and, of course, Mr./Mrs. R. C. Rawls are my folks.)


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