Happy 90th Birthday, Great-Grandma Martha Burgess Hedges!

From the Paris, Tennessee, Post-Intelligencer


Mrs. Martha Hedges Will Soon Reach Ninety Years

Mrs. Martha Hedges who will be ninety years old in December paid a visit to the P. I. (The Paris, TN, Post-Intelligencer) office yesterday with one of her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Rawls of Paris with whom she now resides.

The remarkable elderly woman who belies her true age by a decade of years is the mother of 10 children.  She has twenty-five grandchildren and twenty-four great-grandchildren.  A grandson, J. Thomas Brewer, is missing in action.

Her daughter, Mrs. Rawls, said she has just been to the doctor and that he was encouraged with her condition, telling her she would be back to her full strength in a few months.  She has a good appetite, sleeps well and “reads more than I do,” according to Mrs. Rawls.

Mrs. Rawls further stated that she knows much about the potential nominees for presidency.  When Mrs. Hedges was asked who she thought would win the coming election, she spoke up like a true diplomat and said, “May the best man win!”

Following her visit to the P. I. office, Mrs. Hedges accompanied her daughter in attending the Woman’s Missionary meeting at the First Methodist Church.


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