If A Tree Falls in the Forest…

If a tree falls in the forest, and you hear it, should you get up and check on it?  Is anyone cut or bleeding, do we need to go to the hospital, is there a bone poking out?  Oh, wait, those were my criteria for “if a *CHILD* falls in the forest”.

Here’s what happened in my case when I eventually went to look.  I had heard a creaking sound, umm, like a tree starting to fall, then the sound stopped without the prerequisite thud that should follow the sound of a tree falling. 

No cats were harmed in the falling of this tree despite the cat treehouse being in close vicinity.


Why, yes, that is a power line, thankyoufornoticing.


The errant branch was arrested in mid-flight after attempting to flee the scene of the crime.


Happy ending soon to come. Power company to the rescue.

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