The Family Bible of Anne Gamwell & Josias Gamble

Over ten years ago, a friend who was in the Daughters of the American Revolution attempted to help me find some ancestral ties.  In short order, she produced some information that she received by email regarding Josias Gamble and his wife Anne Gamwell Gamble.  Later I wrote the library in Blount County, Tennessee, for records about these people, and I was rewarded with much information, the most remarkable being a copy of the family Bible.

I have not compressed the pictures for easier loading, for I want you to be able to left-click on them to enlarge them and enjoy the detail.  So, these images might take longer to load. 

It’s worth the wait.

Ann Gamble Book Given Her by Her Mother At their parting in Pensilvania Chester County, New london Township --

I suppose Ann/Anne never saw her mother again…

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4 Responses to “The Family Bible of Anne Gamwell & Josias Gamble”

  1. Barbara Russell Kelly Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Gamble Bible. Josias and Ann Gamble were my g-g-g-g grandparents. My dad was born in Blount County, TN and I live in Maryland just a few miles from New London Township, PA. I will be searching for their homestead! Thanks for your post!


  2. Barbara Kelly Says:

    Hello again, Ruth! I am descended from Alexander Breckenridge Gamble. You know, there are many Gambles in this area just down the road from New London Township. I have often wondered if they were off-shoots of our family.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Whenever I have questions about a family, I start a family tree for them on I have over 50 trees for various and sundry people! I always have hope that I can link two trees together.
      Surely we’re all related!


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