Dr. Lynch Delisha Webb

When I was growing up, my grandmother Ruth claimed that her father was a doctor. 

A real doctor. 

A medical doctor. 

I said, “Heh.  Grandma, are you off your meds?”

Turns out, Grandma was right.  He was a medical doctor in Knox and Blount Counties in Tennessee around the 1900’s.  Grandma said that she could go out with him if he went in the buggy on house calls.  Sometimes he went out on horseback to the more remote regions of the county.  He died in 1913 from a second recurring bout of pneumonia.  When he would return on horseback in the winter, he might be frozen into the stirrups, and his wife Henrietta “Etta” would pour hot water on his boots and stirrups until he could dismount.  I conjecture that his pneumonia came after such an expedition. 

Anyway, this photo comes to me from cousin Harry Coker from about 10 years ago.  Through the magic of the internet and technology, Harry sent this photo to me via email.  This photo has Dr. Lynch Delisha Webb, Ivy Collins (later Coker, and Harry’s grandmother), and Ruth Gamble Collins.  Ruth had several children.  Henrietta was the oldest, and Ivy was most probably the youngest. 

I *LOVE* technology.


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3 Responses to “Dr. Lynch Delisha Webb”

  1. Becky Says:

    So if I have this straight here, Ruth here is the good doctor’s MIL and Grandma Packett’s maternal grandmother. I don’t think that is a shadow on the picture, but one of the longest mustaches I’ve ever seen. You picturephile, you would *LOVE* technology! 🙂


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Something I forgot to add… Henrietta Collins Webb named one of her children Iva or Ivy after her sister Ivy Collins (Coker). That child grew up to become Vivian McFarland O’Dell’s mother.


  2. Photos of Ivy Collins Coker « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] mentioned Ivy Collins Coker most recently in yesterday’s post. I also posted a photo of her with her mother Ruth Gamble Collins, who is my great-great-grandmother (what a nice first name), […]


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