It’s Kitten Season!

Special delivery!

Last week, a woman walked into the vet’s office where I work.  She carried a small box that made squeaking noises, like a newborn kitten.  Inside, the box, nestled into some bedding, was a very hungry little kitten, eyes not open and umbilical cord still attached. 

The woman works at the local prison, and someone (worker? inmate?) found this little baby outside at the prison.  The woman took the baby to the local shelter, who told her they could not help her because they did not have a nursing mother, but they could put it to sleep for her.  That did not seem like a good option for her – after all, why save a life only to have it “humanely” ended? 

I asked her if she wanted to keep it, and she looked horrified and said that she already had too many animals.  (Are you kidding me?  I’ll show you too many animals…)  I told her that I would take the kitten and figure something out.  I usually travel with dried kitten/puppy formula in the car, but this time I didn’t have any, so I headed over to the feed and seed store.  I called a local rescue organization “Brooke’s Haven” located at Brooke’s Bed & Biscuit, and Brooke said they DID have a nursing mother, and said to bring the kitten ASAP. 

I drove the baby over at lunch time, after carrying it around all morning wrapped in swaddling clothes and feeding it formula with a 1cc syringe.  That baby was hungry and she ate every time I offered food to her.  After feeding a newborn in the absence of a mother, you must stimulate the baby’s ability to relieve itself of waste, which is accomplished by taking a cloth and rubbing the baby’s rear end.  Otherwise, waste builds up and poisons the body.  Eventually, the baby develops enough to be able to handle this chore easily. 

This baby is wrapped up in a cloth in an effort to keep her body temperature up.  When she was found, she was cold and they thought she was dead.  When they picked her up and held her, she started moving.  It’s hard to walk away from something like that, and if you don’t know what to do, it’s best to get help.  It’s called “networking”. 

So the baby has networked herself into a better situation.  Cross your fingers.

(4/11/11:  So sad.  Didn’t make it.)


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2 Responses to “It’s Kitten Season!”

  1. Kariann Says:

    May God bless you for taking care of this wee kitten.


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