John Ester and Tula Irene

A group of Rawls and Hedges people, date unknown, probably in Henry County, a county in the western part of Tennessee.

My father’s father John Ester Rawls is second from the left.  His wife Tula Irene Hedges Rawls is seated in the center of the photo to his immediate left.  The woman next to Tula looks like she could be a sister to her.  The man on the right, I believe, could be Jewell Hedges.  (Update 4/19/11 – yes!  It’s Jewel Burgess Hedges, the brother of Tula Irene Hedges Rawls.  Jewel and Tula’s mother was Martha Demaris Burgess Hedges.  Their father was John “Jack” Newton Hedges.)  I have no clue who the woman on the far left is. 

What’s the occasion?  Fiftieth wedding anniversary?  If that’s true, the photo was probably taken during the 1950’s.  Y’all feel free to comment.  Mysteries are not solved without networking.

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9 Responses to “John Ester and Tula Irene”

  1. Linda Smith Says:

    Tula looks like my Grandmama…and it appears they have been partying all night and are flat wore out!!!!


  2. Leo Says:

    Because John and Tula are each wearing corsages, or whatever they’re called, and Tula is holding flowers in her hand, it would seem they are the guest of honor of whatever. Because they were married in 1903, and appear to be of an age to be celebrating their 50th anniversary of that event, one might guess the year to be 1953. The calendar in the right top corner when enlarged can be seen turned to a page where the month begins on Friday. In 1953 the only month that began with Friday was May.


    • Kariann Says:

      Leo, you are so observant! This is a great picture. John Ester looks just like his son, my Papa, Roy.


      • ruthrawls Says:

        Leo is the stuff. If you go to my home page by clicking on the header “ruthrawls’s blog” you will see, in the right sidebar, a link to his blog. You should go read his blog. He’s a helpful sort of fellow.


  3. Rosalee Bloss Says:

    I looked at that calendar, too. I enlarged it on some of my photo “fix” programs and thought the space in the bottom right corner does not look like the number 30. So I thought it might be a leap year. I checked the years 1948, 1952, 1956, and 1960. The February 1952 calendar would look like that if that corner space has something besides a number in it. And if you compare the number “23” right above it the “3” in “30” and “23” look nothing alike. Also the “14” is in bold which would be Valentine’s Day. I tried to locate a date in February 1952 that they might have been celebrating but did not find any.


  4. Kathy Ann Burgess Tucker Says:

    What a find! My name is Kathy Burgess Tucker. My great-grandfather was Clinton A. Burgess brother to Martha D. Burgess Hedges. They were from Henry County, TN. My grandfather was Royal Elbert Burgess and he used to write to his cousin Ivadell Hedge Simmons of Dresden, TN. My grandfather died in the early 1980’s and contact with the family was lost.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Welcome to the blog, cousin! I don’t have any info from Clinton Burgess on down! How does Ivadell Hedge Simmons fit into this bunch?


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