In Search of History and She-Crab Soup, Part 3

After leaving the well in the building, we looked for the Circular Church.  The guide book was wrong, as we were to find out. Surely trusty guide Sugar wasn’t reading it wrong.  Heh.  Anyway.  We headed south, not knowing until later that we should have headed north.  It hardly matters.

Here's Chalmers Street with its lovely cobblestones. I say "Ch-yall-mers" and Sugar says "Chal-mers". I suppose we know who's right.


The sidewalk, the brick edging, and more cobblestones on ChAL-mers.


We stopped in this nice park on Chalmers to re-read the guide book and figure out why we couldn't find the Circular Church. Actually, Sugar did the figuring and I snapped some pics. History is hard work.


Sugar decided that we needed to head in a different direction, so we went back to see our Gullah basket lady, who told us to go another block north to find the Circular Church.

On our way, we went by the Mills House again. This search has us going in circles.


Oh, here we are. The Circular Church.


This shot looks like it has all kinds of crazy angles. I'm actually standing in front of the main door looking up at the building. Perspective confounds yet another photo.


There were graves and markers on all sides of the church. Along the way to the back of the church, I saw this interesting sign.


We're in the back of the Circular Church, looking eastward to another church. The next street over is Church Street. The steeple is the back of that church, St. Philip's Episcopal Church. Pretty composition. The sky was another shade of amazing blue.


This is the back of the Circular Church, looking quite circularish.


Look closely, and you can see Sugar walking among the tall gravestones. That, my friends, is a magnificent live oak. Left click on this photo (or any of the photos for that matter) once, then again, to enlarge it for better viewing.


Turns out, Sugar was looking for an ancestral relation named Josiah Smith.  We didn’t find him, but we DID find his wife Mary.

Here Rests in Peace

The mortal part of


One of the Deacons of this Church

Who after happily exemplifying the

Conjugal and Maternal virtues

for upwards of 37 Years

Was suddenly arrested by the hand of Death

to the no small grief of her numerous

Relations and Friends

On the 3rd July 1795 in the

55 Year of her Age.

Descended of Pious Parents

She early imbibed the true principles of Religion.

Became attach’d to the pursuits of Godliness & Virtue.

And for many Years past was a worth & respected

Member of this Society.

If sincerity of Heart, gentleness of Manners, compassion

to the afflicted, and a

Readiness to communicate to the Poor & distressed, are

Happy features of a Real Christian, her surviving Friends

are much consoled in the thought of her being truly such.

Quick was her Flight, She clos’d her Eyes,

And short the Road, And saw her God.


More history yet to come…


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