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In Search of History & She-Crab Soup, Part 1

February 22, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011, found spring in the Lowcountry.

Sugar and I went on a day trip back to Charleston to view several churches.  He’d done more research on what he wanted to see, and I was along for the ride.  It’s rarely a bad day in Charleston, as long as you are prepared to walk *A LOT* and to complain about the Yankee tourists (my apologies to my Yankee cousins who could teach good manners to tourists).

It’s about a 75 miles drive to Chucktown from my little town, and most of it is scenic and untouched.  We stopped to gas up Ole Yeller, and as usual, prepared to pay at the pump.

Where's the card reader?

It took us a minute to realize that we would have to go inside to pay.  There was plenty of local color inside the store.  Some tourists were inside, in a bit of culture shock.  This was not just a gas station.  There were supplies for hunting, fishing, and cooking, along with local products like honey and bait.  Plumbing and electrical supplies were hanging on the wall.  Several fishermen were chatting with the clerks while they waited for their hot dog breakfast to be served up.  Sugar overheard one of the clerks say that she didn’t like fishermen.  She went on to say she didn’t like fishermen, because they were out fishing and she was stuck at work.  Good point.

The prerequisite firework stand is across the parking lot. Fireworks can be sold year-round in SC. The best customers are the tourists traveling through.


The fishermen had their trusty dog along.  He guards the fishing poles in the back of this truck while he waits for them to get their hot dog and Mountain Dew breakfast.

After gassing up, we headed for Charleston, history, and she-crab soup.  But that will have to wait…