In Which I Manage to Confuse Myself (Again)

Yesterday I wrote an interesting post (or so I thought). My usual methodology for posting consists of clicking a certain button in a certain place to get the blank template for writing the post. I saw another box on the opposite side of the page that looked like I could click it and achieve the same thing. So I did. And now I can’t find the post.
Turns out I clicked “new page” not “new post”. I don’t know what a new page is but if this link works you should be able to read yesterday’s post today. Sort of an opposite of tomorrow’s technology today. I think, if this works, that it will be like when you click on a link and it takes you to a page that you cannot access in any other way. I think. We’ll see. By now it might be tomorrow so this will be a link to a page from two days ago, even though I’m still up.
Maybe later I’ll say “Ta-Dah!”
Maybe not.
Try this.


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