A New Day of Pictures

Today dawned bright and balmy.  I went to the cat station to check on the baby.  Sylvia ran ahead, as usual, and sprang into place on the cat feeding station.  As I approached the cat station, I didn’t see the baby under the A-frame.  That’s because she was in the cat bed that I had placed there before Christmas.  Finally, in the bed.  It was endearing to see.

Aunt Sylvia stands watch as the morning sun comes through the trees.

Baby: "I think I'm going to like it here."


Then Sugar came over and we headed off for a shopping extravaganza at PetSmart and Kroger, with maybe a little side trip into Michael’s craft store.  After all, there might be yarn on sale (there was – but that’s another fascinating knitting story better saved for later).  However, before the shopping, we did a little tour of B-ton, where Sugar grew up when it was a town of 500 people. 

So here I’ll say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Enjoy.

Sugar was an acolyte here about 100 years ago. Heh.


The Church of the Cross on Calhoun Street.


The right side of the church. Follow us more to the side.


Panning more to the right.


More panning to the right.


To the left of the church entry, we have the beautiful May River. A couple in wedding apparel was having their photographs taken. Were they shooting an advertisement? Or were they getting ready for the real deal? Regardless, the weather and the view were serene.


Down a side lane, we came to the historic John Lawton property. John Lawton was a prosperous citizen of Estill, SC, who had property in B-ton, as did many Estill citizens. Look at the brick wall and squint. You can see where the new brick portion was added for height and privacy.


We toured further along, and came to a sight that my father would love.

What's that ahead? This is too good to be true.


I cropped the photo to conceal the address of these folks who might indeed be from Tennessee.


Then we headed for the outermost point of B-ton at the boat landing.  This property once belonged to Thomas Lawton from Garnett or thereabouts.  Yes, we cannot escape the legacy of the Lawtons…  My hits should soar just mentioning the Lawtons.

This Thomas Lawton Drive has intersecting streets named after nearby towns, like Allendale, pictured here, Garnett, Tillman, Fairfax, and more.

And now to the beautiful Maye River.

And that, my friends, along with a nice Greek salad for lunch, makes for a very nice outing.


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5 Responses to “A New Day of Pictures”

  1. Leo Says:

    I followed you around on Google Maps. I hope that doesn’t make me a stalker. I couldn’t locate the old Farmall H though. I thought as well as it was painted up it ought to stand out on the map, but no such luck.


  2. Becky Says:

    Lots of random thoughts evoked. 1. I love seeing the kitty in the bed at last and miss our absentee “Stripey” even more. 2. Sylvia strikes me as being a hoot, a character, and a busybody. 3. That church and its surroundings are so pretty. How old is the church? 4. Wonder if the dude hummed “Deck the Farmall with boughs of holly” as he decorated? and 5. That is a beautiful river indeed!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Georgia is the busybody, meowing loudly and sticking her nose into everybody’s business while clamoring for attention.
      Sylvia is more like Boo Radley. She doesn’t make much noise (I’ve never heard her meow), she pays attention to what’s happening in the ‘hood, and she works for the side of good, not evil.


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